Boxing is the art of striking with your fists. Boxing utilizes a combination of hand-eye coordination, agility, foot speed and cardiovascular endurance. Boxing does a great job of blending speed, power and cardio in one workout.

Students will learn the fundamentals of boxing, including stances, movement, and punching techniques. A heavy emphasis is placed on conditioning drills used to increase cardiovascular endurance. Students will also engage in light sparring in order to polish their techniques and movement.

Training at AKA has students wearing a boxing gloves training on a padded floor mats.  Students work with focus pads, speed bags and punching bags as they train. Cardio and

foot work is also worked on during the class to help increase movement. A typical class involves 15 minutes of warm ups and conditioning followed by 20 minutes of teaching and practicing technique with a willing partner. The last 25 minutes is a light sparring and some cardio work.

Instructors L to R:

Alex Khanbabian

Ant Do

John Cardenas