Clinton Cronin - Jiu Jitsu Instructor

Clinton is a black belt under Mike Prudencio and he started training in 2006 and has been with AKA Sunnyvale since the day it opened.

Clinton had some martial arts experience before getting into Jiu Jitsu and also had wrestling experience before getting started. Clinton was instantly captivated with the art and trains virtually every day. He’s the driving force that reinvigorated our early Jiu Jitsu morning training. He’s on the mats 8 times a week. If he’s not there, the gym is closed.

Clinton has spent a considerable amount of time training in other countries like London, Singapore and trains yearly in Brazil. He also attends a lot of seminars taught by high level jiu jitsu practitioners and keeps adding to his knowledge base.

Clinton has taken his passion for martial arts to the podcast world and has been traveling and training with some of the best in the world. To see what our AKA Sunnyvale made black belt is up to be sure and check out

Clinton teaches the 6:30a Wednesday and Friday morning gi classes. Clinton is also available for privates.