“AKA SV is a great gym to train in the martial arts of kickboxing and BJJ. For the more ambitious you can even get top notch MMA training and step into the cage. I have been coming to AKA SV for 18 months now and have met many fun and interesting people. The gym draws from all walks of life with a wide range of occupations, ages, men and women. All are treated with respect and encouraged to develop to their full potential. The coaches have a lot of experience in their fields and it shows in the quality of instruction here at AKA SV. Training is fun and if you start training consistently you will change your body, mind and life!”
– Craig Such

“A year ago I weighed in at 330 pounds.  Realizing that things were not going well I started a diet and working out.  I lost some of the weight as most people do when dieting but I found my motivation lacking.  I joined AKA on attended my first day in May of 2010.  Since joining AKA I have been motivated to lose weight and exercise.  Today I weigh 228 and well on my goal weight of 200 pounds, which is reasonable for someone who is 6 foot 4. The workouts are intense but rewarding.  Many times I have found my motivation lacking so I walked into the gym dressed ready to go and let the environment and the instructor motivate me.  Only a few times did I have to do this, most days I look forward to my workout.  In fact many days I am surprised when the hour is up and the work out is complete.  Going to the gym is the most important part of any workout.  

One of the great benefits of learning boxing or kick boxing is learning a skill and getting a workout at the same time.  For me working out only for the intent of getting into shape is difficult as noticeable results sometimes take weeks.  At AKA I work out to learn a skill, have fun, build self-confidence, and push myself to be better in every way, getting into shape is secondary.  I might not be able to see the results of my workout every day but I notice the results in my cardio, strength, and technique.

The instructors are great and always willing to help.  My only wish is that I was younger so I could put the skills I am learning here to use in the cage.  Even if you do not plan on fighting you will learn the skills used by the professional fighters.”
– James W

“I had to find a good training gym after moving back down to the South Bay from Oakland. I decided to check out AKA-Sunnyvale since they were under 2 miles from my office. After walking through the doors, I was greeted by Alex who runs the gym. He was so receptive and helpful with going through the different programs they offer and breaking them down by price point. I decided on the boxing/kickboxing combo and I’ve never been happier with my fitness routine.

The boxing instructor, John, is very kind, helpful and non-intimidating. Anthony and Zack teach the kickboxing classes and they’ve also designed a similar environment to John’s boxing class. The environment at AKA and the skill-set of the instructors is top-notch and I could never see myself training anywhere else.

Thank you Alex, John, Anthony and Zack for all you do- working out has gone from being a chore to a hobby for me. I’d recommend AKA to anyone looking to take their training to the next level.”
– Nima Moridi

“I’ve been pretty much putting off my foray into martial arts all my life. I was a complete beginner when I arrived. Each and every person I met made me feel at home.

AKA Sunnyvale is beginner friendly. They offered a free introduction class and then a complimentary class to whatever class I was interested in. I’ve been fortunate to work with all of their instructors and I could not ask for more. Alex, John, Anthony, Jon and Zach all share a passion for their sports and they’re more than willing to share that with those who are interested.

Having been a member of other gyms in the past, I found AKA a break from the norm. Its family orientated, that means small things are different, their coaching setup is not a revolving door and you can work your technique with someone who’s not going to be gone in 2 months. They get to know your name, there’s a good atmosphere and the people who go there are motivated and share the same work ethic. On the mat in whatever we do, the same shared ethos of helping everyone around get to the next level.

I’ve been there a little over 6 months and have ditched my other gym, its that good.”
– James C

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